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Bollard Posts & Wheel Stops

The pavement professionals at LDC Paving are the best source for installing bollards and wheel stops in Houston, TX.


What are Bollard Posts & Wheel Stops.

Bollards are short vertical posts that have become increasingly popular tools used to direct traffic on both roadways and walkways. They are commonly made of concrete and vary in size from two feet in height and eight inches in width up to four feet high and 2-3 feet wide. Bollards have joined wheel stops as integral pieces of a safe, well-planned parking lot. Bollard Posts and Wheel Stops are very important in Houston, TX!

Without bollards, some areas around a building’s entryway can become chaotic and even dangerous for both passers-by and drivers. Likewise, wheel stops ensure safety and reduce the risk of damage not only to vehicles but also to the various elements of your parking lot, such as to signage, landscaping, attendant booths, etc.

Over the years, LDC Paving has established a well-deserved reputation for excellent results and professional, courteous service.

LDC Paving Inc. has proudly served Houston and surrounding areas as a full service asphalt paving contractor since August 2009. We specialize in all aspects of parking lot maintenance, marking, and repair.

Contact us today at 832-640-7296 or fill out the Free Job Quote form to inquire about our bollard and wheel stops installation services. Find out firsthand why we’re proud to call LDC Paving the best in the business.

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