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Commercial Concrete Sidewalks

Whether you are responsible for all of the concrete sidewalks in your city or the

walkways around your business, you want the pavement to be safe as well as

attractive. If the concrete was properly installed, your walkways and sidewalks

should last for decades if you keep them in good repair. If you want to maximize

the return on your investment, here are some tips that can help.

Concrete Sidewalks – Have Cracks and Chips Professionally


There are many reasons for concrete pavement to crack. The ground beneath

your sidewalks is always moving; it may shrink and subside during droughts or

swell during heavy rains. Ground movement can also lead to entire slabs that are

higher or lower than neighboring slabs.

Tree roots are a leading cause of damaged concrete. As the roots press against the pavement, the pressure can cause cracks to develop. If the roots grow under the pavement, they may lift slabs out of alignment.


Another common cause of damaged concrete is excessive weight. For example, vehicles driving on sidewalks and walkways can crack or chip concrete. Sidewalks simply are not engineered to support such heavy loads.

Regardless of what has caused the damage, you should have repairs made as soon as possible. Breaks allow water to enter, which can damage the subgrade; if your pavement contains rebar, the exposure to water and air can lead to rust and additional deterioration of the concrete.

Best Practices for Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

• Inspect your concrete periodically to identify problems early. The sooner that problems are corrected, the more economical the repairs will be.
• Keep grass trimmed away from the edges of your sidewalks and walkways. Vegetation allows water to collect next to your concrete, which makes water damage more likely.
• Plant trees far enough from sidewalks to reduce the risk of roots damaging the concrete. At a minimum, allow two times the walkway’s width between the edge of the concrete and the location of the tree.
• Uneven slabs are potential tripping hazards. Should someone trip and injure himself, you could be held liable. There are various ways to correct the problem.
• Always work with an experienced, trustworthy contractor. Repairing concrete is not a do-it-yourself type of project. It requires special equipment, training and practice to do the job correctly.

If you need help with your concrete sidewalk and walkway repairs, you can trust LDC Paving in Houston, TX. We are an experienced paving company serving municipalities, subdivisions, shopping centers, apartment complexes and many other types of businesses throughout the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding counties. We deliver superior workmanship and outstanding customer service at affordable prices. Our services include concrete repair, asphalt paving and overlays, concrete curbing, parking lot striping, sealcoating, asphalt repair and the installation of traffic signs, speed bumps, bollard posts and wheel stops. Call (832) 640-7296 or submit the online form to receive a free quote.

Commercial Concrete Sidewalks
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