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Commercial Expansion Joint Seal Services

  1. Protection and Prevention –  The best way to prevent damaged concrete at the joints and extensive concrete repair is with concrete joint sealing. Professionally sealing the control and expansion joints is essential preventing joint spalls and unraveling.

  2.  It is significantly more cost effective to seal joints before erosion due to water penetration. It can cost 10 times more to repair that the maintenance of the joints.

  3.  Maintenance – When the joints are sealed, maintenance becomes easier. Creating a smooth solid surface allows sweepers and scrubber to go over the joints instead of pushing debris into them.

Expansion Joint Seal Houston TX

Contact us today at 832-640-7296 or contact us to inquire about our joint seal services or to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Find out firsthand why we’re proud to call LDC Paving the best in the business.

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