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Concrete Parking Lots

In the Houston area, concrete has historically been a more popular

choice for parking lots than asphalt. Concrete reflects heat better than

asphalt, helping to reduce the dreaded “heat island” effect that is

common in major metropolitan areas. Houston property owners do not

need to worry about extremely cold temperatures that can damage

concrete pavement in states with severe winters. Furthermore, concrete

can provide you with a parking lot that will not need to be replaced for

several decades. However, if you want to get the most out of your

concrete parking lot, you will need to take certain steps to ensure its


Concrete Parking Lots – Be Proactive About Routine Maintenance

Concrete parking lots do not require a great deal of maintenance, but when cracks or other damages develop, it is important to have them professionally repaired. If repairs are not made, the damage will worsen, and if that happens, your repair costs will be higher. It is more economical to repair a crack than to repair several potholes or replace a section that has suffered alligator cracking.

Automotive fluids such as oil can leave unsightly stains on concrete. Leaked fluids are easier to remove if they are caught early. Ask your contractor to recommend an effective way to clean these types of spills.

The paint used for parking lot striping and pavement markings will wear away from exposure to the elements and the traffic that drives over them. Fresh markings improve the appearance of your parking lot, but they also make your parking lot safer. Highly visible pavement markings reduce the confusion and distractions that drivers — and pedestrians — can suffer when in unfamiliar environments.

Keep in mind that your concrete parking lot was designed for vehicles that fall within a specific range of weights. Vehicles that weigh more than your parking lot was intended to support can damage your concrete. For example, if your parking lot was meant to receive only passenger vehicles, opening it to fully loaded tractor-trailers will reduce the life of your concrete parking lot.

Do not neglect any concrete curbs, traffic islands or walkways that are adjacent to your parking area. If you keep these components properly repaired, you reduce your risk of water penetration, which can damage the foundation supporting your pavement. You also reduce the chances that a crack could spread to a larger section of concrete.

Let LDC Paving Help You Maintain Your Concrete Parking Lot

LDC Paving specializes in the repair and maintenance of concrete parking lots for customers throughout Houston, Harris County and adjacent counties. We are committed to delivering quality work, completing jobs on time and providing professional customer service. Our services include concrete and asphalt repairs, parking lot striping and pavement markings, asphalt paving, concrete curbing and sealcoating. We also install parking lot signs, speed bumps, wheel stops and bollard posts. You can request a free quote by completing the online form or calling our office at (832) 640-7296.

Concrete Installation and Repair Houston TX
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