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Commercial Concrete

When you need an concrete contractor and your looking for concrete installation, repair and patching in Houston, TX, call on the pavement professionals at LDC Paving for the very best in service and quality.


Even the toughest concrete will eventually deteriorate. The natural elements, moisture, and temperature changes can cause concrete to crack, pit, and scale, making concrete repair a necessity.

Concrete tends to expand and shrink, becoming susceptible to damage even at an early age. Proper preventative steps are necessary to increase its lifespan and avoid costly repairs or even resurfacing.

Damaged concrete can be not only a curb appeal issue but a safety hazard. Home and property owners are responsible for injuries that take place on their property, and tripping and falling is a real possibility on cracked concrete.

Whether it is sidewalk, curbing and drainage, or larger surfaces, LDC Paving’s team of experts has the experience to repair unsightly concrete damage with lasting results.

Over the years, we have established a well-deserved reputation for excellent results and professional, courteous service in the Houston, TX area.


Contact us today at 832-640-7296 or contact us to inquire about our concrete repair and patching services or to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Find out firsthand why we’re proud to call LDC Paving the best in the business.

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