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Concrete Ramps

Concrete Ramps, concrete contractor in houston, ldc pavingAlthough ramps are passive devices, they are included on the list of simple machines that are components of more advanced machines. The other five simple machines are the wheel and axle, the lever, pulleys, screws and wedges. However, it took many centuries before the humble ramp was included; the first five simple machines were defined by the ancient Greeks, but it was not until the Renaissance that the ramp was declared a member of the group. Interestingly, however, humans had recognized the labor-saving advantages of ramps almost since the dawn of time. Ramps have been used for several millennia for massive construction projects, siege warfare and loading ships. Despite the many technological advances that have been made, ramps are still found extremely useful in the modern world.

Concrete Ramps – Why Are Ramps Beneficial?

Ramps allow loads to be moved between elevations with less energy. The mechanical advantage depends on several factors, including the slope of the ramp, its length, the height differential and the friction between the surface of the ramp and the load being moved. Physicists and engineers may use complex formulas to calculate the exact mechanical advantage, but an easier explanation is to think of loading a moving van. It is far easier to strap a large refrigerator to a dolly and use the ramp to load it than it is to lift the refrigerator from ground level to the truck’s bed. The same advantage exists when unloading a tractor-trailer and transferring the items to a warehouse.

Maintaining Concrete Ramps

As noted above, one of the factors contributing to the efficiency of a ramp is the surface friction. If concrete ramps crack, chip or suffer other types of damage, the friction will be increased, making the ramp less efficient. This means that it will require more energy to transfer a load than it would require for the same load on a smooth, undamaged surface. Therefore, concrete ramps should be repaired as soon as damages appear.

Concrete ramps may be damaged by long-term exposure to the weather, chemicals, accidents or misuse. One common cause of damage is placing heavier loads on the ramp than it was meant to support. For example, suppose a ramp is built to support the weight of a forklift loaded with 1,000 pounds. If a truck with a total weight of 10,000 pounds begins to make regular use of the ramp, it normally will not be long before damages become apparent.

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