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What is the benefit of “additives” in sealer?

We add sealcoating additives when we perform asphalt sealcoating for our customers.There are numerous manufacturers of asphalt sealer, and many of them produce several different types. There may be a type for general use under a variety of conditions and other types that are formulated for specific uses. However, even the use-specific formulas are not always perfect for every application. When necessary, additives can be included in the sealcoating mix to provide specific benefits.

Reduced Drying Time

Newly sealed areas must be closed to traffic until the sealcoating has dried sufficiently. Additives can expedite the drying process, sometimes cutting the closure to as little as one-third of the normal time required. Since sealant must be allowed to dry before pavement markings can be applied, additives may also be used to allow tasks to proceed at a faster pace.

Ability to Adjust for Weather

Sealcoating is easier to apply and the results are better if air temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity is at 50 percent or less. As humidity increases above 50 percent, sealcoating must be given additional time to dry. At temperatures below 50 degrees, the liquid sealcoating can thicken, making it difficult to ensure an even application over a large area. At the other end of the scale, temperatures above 90 degrees can thin the mix, which can sometimes result in inadequate coverage. Additives allow contractors to adjust the mix to suit current weather conditions.

Better Sand Distribution and Retention

Sealcoating incorporates sand in the mix to provide better traction for both vehicles and pedestrians. Like all solids that are heavier than water, sand grains try to settle to the lowest level of a solution. Additives help keep the sand dispersed evenly throughout the liquid sealcoating, ensuring that every section will receive its fair share of sand. Once the sealcoating has dried, vehicles can sometimes force sand out of the sealant, but additives can help keep the sand tightly bound inside the sealcoating.


Some sealants allow customers to choose specific properties that they would like to enhance. For example, they might like the pavement to be a darker black, able to repel oil stains better or less prone to scuffing. Certain additives can give customers more options for customizing their sealcoating.

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