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Cracks In My Asphalt Pavement

Cracks In My Asphalt Pavement, Houston, TxYou cannot use sealers to fill cracks in asphalt pavement. First, the thickness of the sealant is not going to permit proper curing and the sealcoating will flake away. Should the sealcoating manage to dry somehow, it will not be flexible, so it cannot move when the surrounding pavement expands and contract. Instead, it will crumble or break. Therefore, putting sealant into a crack is a little like trying to stop a leaking radiator hose by putting a dab of glue on the hole — it may work for a minute, but it will not take long before the pressure blasts the glue to smithereens and the hole reappears.

Cracks In My Asphalt Pavement

The most common method used to repair a crack is to fill it with hot-pour asphalt. This makes sense when you consider the benefits that asphalt pavement provides.

• Asphalt is remarkably resilient and flexible. It can “give” with traffic and spring back unharmed.
• Asphalt can contract and expand with ease.
• Asphalt, when properly maintained, does not become brittle or start to crumble until it is nearing the end of its life.

For comparison, sealants dry to a hard, tough finish. Sealers are not flexible, so they do not respond to temperature changes in the same way that asphalt does. Sealant needs to be reapplied every few years because it does not have the same life expectancy as asphalt pavement.

It is important to remember that both crack repair and sealcoating are vital if you want your asphalt pavement to achieve its full lifespan. If the cracks remain open, water will erode the base to the point that the asphalt pavement does not have the support it needs to perform. More cracking will occur as well as potholes. In a short time, you will be facing a procedure to remove damaged pavement, repair the base and replace the pavement. After the cracks are repaired, sealcoating gives you additional protection from the inevitable automotive leaks that can damage your pavement. Sealants also improve your pavement’s appearance.

LDC Paving offers a complete range of asphalt-related services to customers in Houston and surrounding counties. Whether you need crack repairs, sealcoating, asphalt paving or parking lot striping, we will make sure that the job is completed correctly, on time and within budget. Use our online form to request a free job quote, or call our office at 832-640-7296.

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