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Why is safety important when hiring an asphalt contractor?

Asphalt contractors who emphasize a safe working environment receive numerous benefits, many of which are passed on to customers.

• Employee morale is better. Workers who feel that an employer cares about their safety and welfare are more motivated. They work more efficiently, take greater pride in providing a quality product and are far less likely to cut corners on a job.

• Related operating costs are less. Workplace injuries cost an employer in several ways. Worker’s compensation insurance premiums are based in part on the number and severity of work-related claims, so a company with few — or no — claims receives a lower rate. Lost-time accidents can leave a company short-handed, which can result in overtime payments to get a job completed on time. Companies must sometimes incur legal fees to defend themselves against a lawsuit related to a workplace injury. Companies must consider all of these costs when determining the rates they must charge customers.

• Employee retention rates are higher. Employees who feel that their employer does not care about safety are more prone to find another job. High turnover rates typically mean that jobs must be completed with less-experienced personnel. Having to train new workers frequently will affect a company’s profitability, which usually results in higher rates; however, the lack of experience can also affect the quality of the job.

• The “safety attitude” extends beyond just the pavement. Employees who are safety conscious will be more likely to make attempts to safeguard others. For example, they may be more aware of people, such as the client’s customers or employees, who venture too near a hazardous area, or they pay careful attention to the placement of barricades.

At LDC Paving, we believe that safety must always be a priority on every job site. Safety for you, and for our employees. We are a full-service paving contractor, so we can handle all your asphalt needs, including sealcoating, striping, wheel stops and traffic sign installation as well as asphalt repair and paving. You can call us at 832-640-7296 or submit our online form to request a free quote. We provide our services to customers throughout the greater Houston metropolitan area.

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