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Houston…What Is Your Highest Priority For U.S. Highways?

Improving U.S. Highways - LDC Paving, Houston TXIn an effort to determine which traits American drivers found most desirable for roads, a recent survey asked nearly 3,100 drivers from all parts of the country to rank 14 possible attributes. The survey included both professional truckers and private drivers. When the results were analyzed, asphalt roads compared very favorably to concrete pavement for providing the traits that drivers considered priorities.

• 84 percent of the drivers and 73 percent of the truckers prioritized roads that were well-maintained, but both groups wanted maintenance and repairs to be made during non-peak times so that traffic would not be adversely affected. With concrete pavement, this is not an achievable goal; repairs typically require removal of existing concrete — a time-consuming task on its own — and a long drying time for the replacement concrete. Asphalt, on the other hand, cures much faster, and many repairs can be made by removing little or none of the existing pavement.
• Nearly 70 percent of the respondents would accept disruptions for road repairs if a smooth pavement was the result. Asphalt pavements are smoother than concrete roads, resulting in greater comfort, improved mileage, less wear on the vehicles and safer operations. Safe roads were a priority for 56 percent of the drivers, so asphalt wins in both of these categories.
• Drivers displayed a sense of the economic issues related to having good roads. Over half stated that they would be willing to support new or expanded initiatives to fund road maintenance and repair as well as new construction. However, 86 percent of the private drivers felt that funds should be spent on keeping current roads in good repair rather than in building new ones; 78 percent of the professional truckers agreed with this sentiment.

The survey underscores the reasons that asphalt is an ideal solution to the nation’s aging highway system. Asphalt pavement meets or exceeds the standards that drivers demand from the nation’s roads.

At LDC Paving, we are acutely aware of the many benefits offered by asphalt pavement. We are a full-service asphalt contractor serving metropolitan Houston and its surrounding counties. Our experienced, professional crews provide outstanding results at competitive rates. Whether you need your parking lot sealcoated and striped, a pavement overlay, crack repairs or any other asphalt-related service, we can help. Request a free quote by completing our online form, or call 832-640-7296 to discuss your upcoming project in detail.

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