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What happens when there are scuffs on the Pavement after Sealcoating?

While scuffing may occur after various paving projects have been completed, the marks are usually superficial and will disappear on their own within a few weeks. In fact, scuff marks are a sign that the sealcoat has been manufactured properly. A bit of flexibility will allow the pavement to handle traffic loads better. After about six months or so, the sealcoat will have completely hardened. The likelihood of significant scuffing will then decrease.

Weather Conditions and Pavement Age

Sealing during the autumn months will harden during the winter and will not be exposed to hot weather. Projects that take place during the spring, on the other hand, will be exposed to the warm months of summer right away. Thus, the sealant will be more likely to suffer from scuff marks. The marks are only temporary, however, and will become less apparent with each passing week.

Vehicles and Tires

Vehicles and tires can also have an effect after sealcoating. Heavier vehicles will generally sink into the asphalt more, which can lead to scuffing. If the vehicles have large tires with thick treads, they will likely make more of an impact. Sudden turns of the steering wheel can also lead to scuffs. If a private driveway has just been sealed, people will want to be a bit careful during the first few weeks.

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