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Causes Of Asphalt Failure And How To Protect Your Asphalt Investment

Causes Of Asphalt Failure And How To Protect Your Asphalt Investment, LDC Paving, Houston, TXThere can be a wide array of causes for asphalt failure ranging from inadequate thickness, unstable or weak subgrade components, and poor or no maintenance. The fact is that asphalt will deteriorate when the aggregates “fines” become worn from traffic and weather. This will weaken the surface and allow the penetration of water into the base and subgrade, which will eventually lead to the failure of the pavement.

Causes Of Asphalt Failure And How To Protect Your Asphalt Investment – 

Once you have a new asphalt pavement installed, you should apply sealcoat within a period of six months to one year. Also, regularly check for any type of cracks and then have them repaired at least once a year. A crack that is 1/8 inch wide or larger will allow a substantial amount of moisture to enter into base layers of the pavement structure. A good maintenance schedule will keep all of the moisture from penetrating into the base and subbase layers of the pavement. Depending on the wear on the surface it is also advised to apply sealant at least every two or three years. This will protect against traffic, weather, gasoline and UV rays.

When to allow traffic on the surface of the asphalt

A Houston paving company understands the extreme heat and conditions that asphalt surfaces are exposed to in the area. The amount of time that must be given for the setting of the surface will depend on the actual job. For resurfacing, the wait time will be dependent on the temperature and a minimum of two to six hours should be given prior to driving on the surface. Sealcoating services require a minimum of 24 hours to fully cure. However, this is time, location, and condition specific and should be discussed with your paving company.

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