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What Can Be Done to Protect Pavement Throughout the Winter?

Sealcoating is an essential process that can restore your parking lot and protect it from the winter elements. If you missed out on the chance to have your pavement sealcoated before the winter months, you might fear that there is nothing that you can do to protect your parking lot until the springtime. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for those who live or own businesses in the Houston area.

For a parking lot to be properly sealed, temperatures have to exceed 50 degrees, and the weather has to be sunny. Luckily, this isn’t usually a problem in Houston, even during the winter months. This means that there is a good chance that you can still have your parking area sealcoated.

Regardless of what the weather is like, there are things that can be done to repair and preserve your parking lot. It is essential to have cracks,crevices and potholes filled as soon as possible; if you don’t, water could seep into them and cause significant problems. You should have these issues repaired first; then, if the weather allows for it, you should opt for sealcoating to protect your parking lot from both winter weather and the year-round elements.

LDC Paving offers a multitude of services that can help you preserve your investment. You can count on LDC Paving to take care of minor cracks and crevices, or you can opt for a more thorough repair if your parking lot has serious potholes or other issues. You can also have your pavement sealcoated and striped so that it is protected from whatever elements might come your way and can look its best for years to come. LDC Paving has been in the business since 2009 and specializes in all sorts of asphalt and paving-related services, so call (281) 738-5336 or fill out a free quote form today for more information about these necessary services.

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