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Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Benefits of Asphalt Milling, LDC Paving, Houston, TXWhen new pavement needs to be installed, the existing pavement must be removed before the new asphalt is applied. Otherwise, the pavement’s height would no longer be appropriate for existing curbs, gutters or connecting drives. Traditionally, this meant tearing up all layers of the asphalt and then replacing all of them. Sometimes, though, it is not necessary to remove every layer. This is where an asphalt milling machine controlled by a qualified operator can help. Milling offers some substantial benefits over the “rip and replace” method.

Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Milling is Precise

Milling machines offer great precision. For example, if only the top two layers need to be replaced, the machine can remove just those layers.

Milling Costs Less

In most instances, milling is significantly less expensive than traditional “remove and replace” methods. Material costs are less, since you normally need less asphalt. Less material will need to be hauled to the plant for recycling, so you save on hauling fees. Milling is almost always faster, so the contractor can charge less for labor.

Milling Reduces Wicking

The wicking effect can ruin your day — and your contractor’s — and it is a common problem in the Gulf Coast region. Water that has collected far below the pavement can be forced to the surface by the weight of heavy equipment moving across the area repeatedly. If wicking occurs, your job will be delayed and your costs will increase because the contractor will have to perform additional work before installing new asphalt. With traditional removal methods, equipment may need to pass over the area 10 or more times, increasing the risk of wicking. Milling requires far fewer passes — sometimes only two.

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