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Is Asphalt Paving Bad for the Environment

Asphalt paving has recently been under discussion as to whether it is bad for the environment; however, asphalt is actually a very sustainable, environmentally friendly paving option. Benefits include low energy use during production, low greenhouse gas emissions, and conservation of natural resources.

LDC Paving offers expert asphalt paving in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Is Asphalt Paving Bad for the Environment – Why

Asphalt requires 20 percent less energy for production and construction than other pavement types. Because they are faster to construct and repair, asphalt pavements also reduce traffic delays, which reduces unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.

The asphalt industry is America’s leading recycler, reclaiming 65 million tons of asphalt each year. About 99 percent of the reclaimed asphalt is reused or recycled. Asphalt pavements routinely include other recycled materials, including glass, used tires, asphalt roofing shingles, and blast furnace shag.

Asphalt pavement doesn’t wear out, requiring only the top layer to be removed and replaced for maintenance. This can be completed quickly and cost-effectively, and the reclaimed material is then recycled.

Asphalt pavements can also reclaim worn-out concrete pavements through a process known as rubblization. Worn-out concrete becomes the base for the new asphalt, which saves time, money, and fuel because the old concrete does not need to be removed and hauled away. It also means new materials are not needed for the new base.

Noise reduction:
Asphalt is quiet. Newer technologies can result in noise reduction of 3 to 10 decibels, which can reduce traffic noise by up to 50 percent.

LDC Paving is proud to proud exceptional, environmentally friendly paving services for industrial and commercial businesses. We have been the full-service asphalt paving contractor to the greater Houston area since 2009. Our specialities include parking lot maintenance, repair, and marking. LDC Paving has the skills and experience to offer quality service and affordable rates.

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