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Asphalt Paving In Sugar Land, TX

 asphalt paving in Sugar Land, TX, asphalt paving

The founding fathers of what was to become Sugar Land, Texas, would likely be surprised by the evolution of the community. Sugar Land’s roots can be traced to the original land grant that Stephen F. Austin received from the government of Mexico. In 1838, Nathaniel Williams purchased the land that his brother would name Oakland Plantation due to the many varieties of oaks. The brothers and many of the neighboring plantation owners grew corn, cotton and sugar cane, and the area’s first sugar refinery was built around 1879. The town of Sugar Land quickly grew around the refinery.

Asphalt Paving In Sugar Land, TX

By 1908, the original plantation had changed hands several times before being purchased by Isaac Kempner and William Eldridge. Kempner and Eldridge had acquired an adjoining plantation two years earlier. Upon making their latest acquisition, the name of the partnership was changed to the Imperial Sugar Company. The company turned Sugar Land into a company town, providing housing, businesses and a hospital to serve the needs of their employees. Many of the homes that the company built still remain, having been passed down through several generations of the original owners’ family. The community remained an almost self-contained company town until 1959 when voters decided that Sugar Land should be a general law city.

From Agriculture to Big Business

In 2003, Imperial Sugar closed its distribution center and refinery although its headquarters are still in Sugar Land. A generation earlier, this would have had a major effect on the town’s economy, but by the time of the closing, the economic landscape of Sugar Land had changed dramatically. The town has seen an influx of energy, technology and engineering firms, including one Fortune 500 firm, CVR Energy. Sugar Land is home to Schlumberger’s regional offices, Western Airways, the energy services division of NalcoChampion, Minute Maid, Fluor Enterprises and other branches or headquarters of major corporations.

The Quality of Life in Sugar Land

Sugar Land has been named to various “best” lists for the quality of life enjoyed by its residents. In 2006, CNN/Money awarded the city third place on its compilation of the 100 best cities to live in, and in 2008, “Forbes” selected it its list of “Top Suburbs to Live Well.” Sugar Land has also appeared multiple times on lists of the nation’s safest cities, fittest cities and top cities for business relocation and expansion.

Sugar Land is one of the state’s most affluent cities, so residents take pride in maintaining their properties. They also expect that the city will maintain public thoroughfares and that the streets in the local planned communities be kept in excellent condition. Many of the parking lots, private drives and streets feature asphalt pavement, and as new construction continues, asphalt will continue to figure prominently in the paved landscape.

Caring for Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt is a durable, attractive paving material, but to attain its full life, it requires a certain amount of care. As one of the Houston area’s leading asphalt paving companies, LDC Paving would like to share our recommendations for property owners in Sugar Land.

Asphalt Sealcoating – Sealcoating needs to be repeated periodically to protect your pavement and to restore its dark color.
Asphalt Overlays – Overlays are virtually indistinguishable from new construction, making them an economical way to make old pavement look and perform as if it were brand new.
Asphalt Crack Repair -Have cracks repaired promptly to prevent water penetration that can destroy the pavement’s supporting foundation.
Parking Lot Striping -Business owners should make sure that their parking lots are ADA-compliant and feature crisp, clean pavement markings. Pavement markings define parking spaces, indicate traffic flow and provide other information to drivers that make your parking lot safer.

If you need more information on constructing, repairing or maintaining asphalt pavement in Sugar Land, contact us for a free quote by submitting our online form or calling (832) 777-1086. Our team members have the skills to provide you with exceptional quality at competitive rates. We offer a wide range of asphalt-related services, including sealcoating, asphalt pavement, crack filling, pavement markings and more.

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