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Asphalt Paving In Pearland, TX

Asphalt Paving In Pearland, TX, sealcoating, asphalt repair, pavement markingLike many towns in the area, the early days of what has become the city of Pearland, TX were influenced by the arrival of the railroad. In 1882, the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe located a siding switch nearby, spurring growth. The original name of the town was Mark Belt in honor of an early settler named Marcus Belt, and this was the name that was in use in 1893 when the first post office in the town was established.

The original name of the town did not last long. In 1894, a Polish nobleman named Witold von Zychlinski arrived in the area. Impressed by the number of pear trees and other fruits that the residents were cultivating, he decided that a better name for the community would be “Pear Land,” and this was the name he used when filing a plat of the community with the county courthouse. Zychlinski was remembered by residents as having an elaborate surrey drawn by a pair of high-stepping black horses. He left the area before the new century arrived, and no one has been able to trace his steps after his departure.

Whatever his reasons for leaving the area, Zychlinski may have considered his departure fortuitously timed. Two hurricanes that made landfall in Galveston in 1900 and 1915 destroyed a large portion of the fruit trees, and the years in between were a time of desertification. In 1918, a devastating freeze wreaked havoc on the area’s agriculture.

The development of the nearby Hastings Oilfield during the 1930s did not spur much of a population growth, but the town boasted several recreational facilities that catered to workers from the Manvel and Hastings oil fields. Pearland remained a quiet, small town for the next few decades, and by 1960, the population had yet to break the 1,500 mark. As Houston expanded its territory, the population of Pearland increased, reaching almost 18,700 by 1990.

During the 1990s, developers began buying sizable tracts of land that had historically been used for agriculture. Large subdivisions and planned communities quickly appeared, boosting the population of Pearland to more than 91,000 by 2010 and an estimated 108,000 in 2015.

Approximately 83 percent of Pearland is devoted to residential use, which has contributed to the rapid population growth. Between 2000 and 2010, Pearland was the nation’s 15th fastest-growing city in its class, the fastest-growing city in the Houston metropolitan statistical area and the second-fastest growing city in Texas.

With so many houses to build in such a short time, many developers chose asphalt pavement for the streets in their communities as well as driveways for their homes. The builders were aware that asphalt pavement is fast and economical to install, but they also knew that maintenance and repairs would generate minimal disruption for the residents. Streets could be repaired or preventive maintenance performed easily, and the area could be reopened to traffic very quickly. The following list of services are routinely performed on asphalt pavements in Pearland.

Sealcoating: If asphalt pavement has begun to fade, sealcoating can restore its rich color. However, sealcoating also acts as a sunscreen to block damaging UV rays and functions as a barrier against chemicals such as automotive fluids.
Asphalt Overlays: An overlay is a layer of asphalt that is applied over existing pavement. Overlays are a fast and economical way to make old pavement look and perform like new.
Asphalt Repairs: Having cracks filled soon after they happen is an essential part of prolonging the life of asphalt pavement. Cracks give water a path to the pavement’s foundation, and if the foundation becomes unstable, the pavement will suffer extensive damage.
Pavement Markings: Whether it is a center line, directional arrows, parking spaces or painted curbs to indicate no-parking areas, pavement markings make driving safer and easier.

If you would like to learn more, contact LDC Paving, a full-service paving contractor serving Pearland and many other locations in the greater Houston area. Our crews have the skills to deliver exceptional quality at affordable rates. We offer an extensive range of services, including asphalt paving and overlays, asphalt repair, sealcoating, parking lot striping and pavement markings, traffic signs, speed bumps and bollard posts. To receive a free quote, call (832) 640-7296 or complete the convenient online form

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