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Asphalt Paving In Humble, TX

Asphalt Paving In Humble, TX, asphalt paving, asphalt overlays, sealcoatingThe town that was to become Humble began as a small settlement in the late 1840s. However, the settler for whom the town was named, Pleasant Smith Humble, did not arrive until just prior to the Civil War. Nicknamed Plez, Humble was a man of diverse talents. At various times, he operated a ferry across the San Jacinto River, served as a justice of the peace, owned a fruit stand and sold wood. The city directory for 1900 lists his occupation as an attorney. In 1886, he opened the town’s first post office, operating it from his home, and the town’s official name became Humble, TX.

Asphalt Paving In Humble, TX

In 1902, the first oil was produced in the Humble area, followed by a “gusher” in 1904. Within a year, the Humble oil field was producing more oil than any field in Texas. Humble began to overflow with people, becoming a tent city as an increasing number of wildcatters and speculators arrived in the area as well as numerous entrepreneurs providing goods and services to the oil workers. It was during this boom that Humble Oil, the forerunner of Exxon, was formed.However, because most of the oil production was shallow, the boom was short-lived, and as production declined, many local property owners returned to dairy farming, lumbering and truck farming. The town was not officially incorporated until 1933, and it remained a quiet, slow-growing town for the next three decades.

The northward growth of Houston and the construction of the Houston Intercontinental Airport brought renewed growth to Humble. As of 2010, there were more than 15,100 residents of Humble, many of whom work in the petroleum industry or services supporting it. Agriculture is also important to the local economy, but retail, medical care and education provide significant economic support for the area.

Although Humble has been intricately involved with the petroleum industry for more than a century, many residents overlook the fact that asphalt is a petroleum derivative. Asphalt pavement has a deep, dark color that is reminiscent of the oil from which it is derived. Asphalt pavement is economical to install and maintain, and it is an unusually durable paving material. As every scrap can be recycled, asphalt pavement is also environmentally friendly.

To keep asphalt pavement looking its best and to help it achieve its full life, property owners in Humble rely on professional maintenance and repairs.

Sealcoating: Over time, the sun’s rays will fade the lustrous color of asphalt pavement, turning it a dingy gray or brown. However, the sun also dries out asphalt pavement and leaves it brittle. In addition, automotive fluids will soften asphalt pavement when they attempt to recombine with the asphalt. Sealcoating forms a hard barrier that prevents sun damage and slows the rate at which automotive fluids can reach the asphalt. Sealants should be applied periodically to ensure maximum protection.
Asphalt Repairs: To remain pliant and strong, asphalt pavement relies on a stable base for support. If water penetrates through cracks in the pavement or potholes, the base can become compromised. Without the support that it needs, the pavement can begin to subside, creating depressions or allowing extensive cracks to form. Any break in asphalt pavement should be repaired promptly to prevent additional damage.
Overlays: Many asphalt pavements become so riddled with repaired cracks or suffer so much damaged from neglect that they are no longer attractive or as safe as they should be. Property owners often believe that a complete replacement of the pavement is the only option. However, if the base is stable, it is normally possible to simply apply another layer of asphalt directly on top of the existing pavement. An overlay is economical, and it effectively gives you a brand-new pavement.
Pavement Markings: Whether applied to city streets, parking lots or busy highways, pavement markings reduce confusion and make the area safer. Pavement markings can identify loading zones, show the direction of travel, warn of approaching intersections, identify pedestrian crossings and provide drivers with a wealth of other information. Markings should be repainted whenever their visibility is reduced or immediately after sealcoating is applied.

LDC Paving provides a full range of asphalt paving, repair and maintenance services to customers in the Humble area as well as most of the Houston metropolitan area. Our clients include apartment complexes, shopping centers, residential subdivisions, hotels, municipalities and restaurants. We deliver exceptional results at affordable prices and are committed to making sure that all jobs are also completed on time. We offer sealcoating, overlays, crack repairs, pavement markings and many other asphalt-related services. You can receive a free quote by submitting the online quote request or calling (832) 640-7296.

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