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How LDC Paving Increases Curb Appeal

April 9th, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments

How LDC Paving Increases Curb Appeal, asphalt paving, paving companies, pavingSurprisingly, some retailers who go to great lengths to make sure that the interior of their stores are in perfect order sometimes neglect their parking lots. This can be a major mistake as customers evaluate both the exterior and interior of a store when forming an impression of the retailer, the brand or the business owner. If the first impression is negative, retailers could lose sales; it may be more difficult to attract new customers, but it may also be more difficult to retain existing customers.

How LDC Paving Increases Curb Appeal

Maintaining an asphalt paving lot is much more cost-effective than repaving it prematurely. Furthermore, almost everything done to protect the pavement will also improve the curb appeal of the parking lot. Depending on the specific needs of the retailer, a maintenance program may include a number of different elements, but the most common steps include asphalt repair, cleaning, sealcoating and pavement marking.

Asphalt Repair

It is a virtual certainty that a small crack in asphalt pavement will turn into a wider, longer crack if left unrepaired. Rain will find its way into even small cracks, destabilize the base and cause more extensive damage. Potholes and alligator cracking can result. The damaged asphalt is unsightly, but in a relatively short time, the entire lot can need to be replaced. Repairs, therefore, should be part of any routine maintenance plan for a parking lot.


Automotive vehicles need a variety of chemical fluids to operate properly. Many of these fluids can destroy asphalt pavement, and unfortunately, they frequently leak, especially while the vehicle is parked. It is important to clean such spills as soon as possible to protect the asphalt, but removing stains can also improve the appearance of the pavement.


Sealcoating is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of a parking lot while simultaneously protecting it. Sealants can fill surface imperfections, such as tiny cracks or divots, to provide a more even appearance. Furthermore, asphalt’s color will fade from exposure to the sun; sealcoating helps bring back the color while acting as a sunscreen to prevent additional damage. Sealcoating helps prevent chemical spills from penetrating to the asphalt and also makes it easier to remove them.

Pavement Marking

The category of pavement marking includes line striping, curb painting, crosswalks, traffic flow markers and other instructional or directional indicators that are painted directly onto the pavement. Faded markings are unattractive and can be confusing to customers.

In Conclusion

Parking lot maintenance provides “double benefits” for the money. Maintaining a parking lot helps enhance the curb appeal of the business while maximizing the life of the lot.

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