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Your Houston Asphalt Parking Lot

Your Houston Asphalt Parking Lot, LDC Paving Houston TXWhen you installed your asphalt parking lot, you made a substantial investment. You expected that your pavement would be subject to “wear and tear,” but you also expected that it would last many years and look great throughout its life. Now that your parking lot is a few years old, however, you are noticing that it has some issues. You may be wondering what happened to it. The following may help you understand possible causes if your parking lot is not meeting your expectations.

Your Asphalt Parking Lot is Stained

Stains on asphalt pavement usually result from either debris or automotive fluids being allowed to remain in contact with the pavement for too long. Trash, leaves and grass cuttings should be removed as soon as possible. Automotive fluid spills should be professionally cleaned at regular intervals to prevent staining; these fluids can also destroy your sealcoating and cause your asphalt paving to deteriorate long before it should.

The Pavement has Turned Gray

New asphalt has a rich black color, but the UV rays emitted by the sun can cause it to fade. These rays also cause your pavement to deteriorate as they make it dry and crumbly. Sealcoating can block most of the UV rays and refresh the pavement’s color. Sealcoating is not a one-time application, however; you will need to have it reapplied periodically to receive proper protection.

The Pavement has Extensive Interconnected Cracks

If the cracking pattern reminds you of a reptile’s skin, your pavement may have suffered alligator cracking. Potholes often go hand-in-hand with alligator cracking. Both are usually a sign that the pavement’s foundation has shifted or been destabilized by water that has infiltrated the pavement and reached the foundation. Having adequate drainage and repairing small cracks before they worsen are the best ways to prevent potholes and alligatoring. It should also be noted that allowing heavier vehicles or a much greater volume of traffic than your lot was engineered to bear can cause extensive cracking as well.

About LDC Paving

LDC Paving is a full-service asphalt contractor providing service to customers throughout Houston and surrounding counties. We are committed to giving our customer superior results at affordable rates. We specialize in parking lot maintenance, asphalt repairs and pavement markings. Whether you need to make your parking lot ADA compliant, have it sealcoated and striped, repair damaged areas or have traffic signs, speed bumps or bollards installed, we have the expertise to give you the quality that you need. Complete our online form or call 832-640-7296 to request a free price quote.

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