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Why is parking lot maintenance so important?

Pavement Maintenance at an Office Park - LDC Paving, Houston TXHouston is home to hundreds of thousands of parking lots. Each year these parking lots are exposed to heavy traffic, punishing sunlight, high surface temperatures, and pounding rain storms. Yet, there is still an expectation of those who use them for them to be functional and presentable. It can be a large job to monitor these areas and keep them in a condition that makes them safe and fit for use.

Save money with regular parking lot maintenance

It is critical that as soon as a parking lot begins to crack it is sealed with a high quality sealant. If it is not fixed in a timely manner, the damage can extend further to potholes and unsafe driving conditions. Not only are poorly maintained parking areas unsightly, these minor defects can single-handedly destroy a relatively sound parking lot. Asphalt Crack Repair is perhaps the most important aspect to any parking lot maintenance program.

Regular inspection of a parking lot for signs of breaking, cracking, or other destruction is recommended. This might include potholes, hairline cracks, depressions in the evenness of the surface, and a change in the appearance of the asphalt. Standing water can be a good sign that there is a problem occurring underneath the pavement. Another telltale sign of damage is the color of the surface. It can quickly start to lose its rich, black color and lighten, indicating that the surface has started thinning out. A light grey parking lot normally means that there has been substantial oxidation over time and this should be immediately addressed.

What to do when problems are identified

As soon as any trouble spots are located, it is time to call in an expert to see what can be done to keep the parking lot in good condition. Car lots are large, and it can be an expensive mistake to assume the whole surface needs replacing. There are many options such as patching, resurfacing and replacement that can be applied to smaller problem areas, and some will cost less than others.

If you need parking lot maintenance in the Houston area, call LDC Paving at 281-738-5336 or click here to get a free quote.

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