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Parking Lot Striping and ADA Design Guidelines

Parking Lot Striping and ADA Design Guidelines, Houston, TX Whether you are planning a new configuration for your parking lot, installing a new lot or planning to have your spaces repainted, you must ensure that your design conforms to the specifications contained in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is quite specific in stating the requirements to make your lot compliant.

Parking Lot Striping and ADA Design Guidelines – What’s Important

• The ADA specifies the number of handicapped parking spaces your lot must offer. The minimum is one if there are no more than 25 total spaces. The minimum number of parking spaces increases, based on the total spaces contained in your lot. For example, if you have 201 spaces, you must have a minimum of seven, but if you have 100 spaces, you are only required to provide four or more handicapped parking spaces.
• The ADA states that the handicapped space nearest your door must conform to the requirements for vans. All handicapped parking spaces must be 96 inches or more in width, but spaces for vans must have access aisles on each side that are also 96 inches or more in width. For cars, these aisles are only required to be 60 inches or more in width. The pavement on these aisles should be marked to prevent parking in them.
• All handicapped spaces must be identified by a permanently affixed sign bearing the international symbol representing accessibility, which is a stylized wheelchair against a solid blue field. Spaces for vans must have signs that include the words, “Van Accessible” as well.
• Your door and the handicapped spaces must be connected by the most direct path, which should not follow behind any parked vehicles. If there are curbs along the path, curb ramps must be present, and if any lanes of traffic must be crossed, proper crosswalks must be readily identifiable.
• Accessible spaces and the adjacent aisles cannot have a change in grade, and the rise cannot exceed 1 inch for every 4 feet of width or length.

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