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Spring Parking Lot Striping

Spring Parking Lot Striping, Houston TXThe warning against judging a book by its cover would never have become a popular saying if it were not a common tendency. If you operate a business or residential complex, the “cover” by which you will initially be judged is your exterior, especially your parking lot. If your parking lot is clean, well-maintained and sporting pavement markings that are neat and highly visible, you will make a more favorable impression than a competitor whose parking lot markings are faded or non-existent. Furthermore, well-marked parking lots see fewer “fender-benders” and near misses, making them safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.

The Importance Of Spring Parking Lot Striping

If your parking lot needs pavement markings, spring is the ideal time to have the job done. Temperatures are in the perfect range for paint to dry at the proper rate to ensure maximum adhesion. Your lot can normally be reopened to vehicles in less than an hour after the last drop of paint has been applied. However, if you want the job to go efficiently, there are several chores that you can handle in advance.

Determine Precisely What Your Lot Needs

It is more cost-effective to have cracks and potholes filled or sealcoating applied before you have your lot striped. You also want to make sure that your current layout complies with ADA guidelines, such as the number of handicapped spaces and their location.

Make Sure Work Areas are Clear

Remove any obstacles that will interfere with the application of pavement markings. You want the work area to be cleared of cars, dirt piles, pallets or any other large objects that will impede progress. Make sure that no grass or plants overhang curbs that need to be painted.

If Necessary, Have Your Lot Swept

If there is an excess of gravel, leaves, trash, sand, grass clippings or similar debris, have your parking lot swept just before striping starts. Your contractor will need to power wash the lot, but this will go faster if he can start with a relatively clean area.

Notify Everyone Who Needs to Know

Provide advance notice to your customers, tenants or employees that you have scheduled pavement markings. Let them know when the work will take place and where they should park during striping operations.

Discuss Special Needs with Your Contractor in Advance

To minimize disruptions, parking lot striping is often done while the business is closed or during its slowest times if it operates 24/7. If you have a large lot and need to keep part of it open, it may be possible for your contractor to stripe it in sections. However, these are things that you need to discuss with your contractor when you schedule a job. He may not be able to shift a day crew to a night job, for example, if you make the request with just hours to go before work is scheduled to start.

Ask LDC Paving for Help

LDC Paving is a highly regarded asphalt paving contractor offering a full range of services in Houston and nearby towns. We specialize in maintaining, marking and repairing parking lots for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential properties. Our crews have the training and experience to provide you with exceptional results at competitive prices. Call us at 832-640-7296 to request an estimate, or submit our online quote request form.

If your ready for Spring Parking Lot Striping…we service¬†Katy, Cypress, Spring, Humble, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Pearland, Stafford, The Woodlands, Rosenburg, Pasadena, and Richmond, TX!

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