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Why Sealcoating Works In Houston!

Asphalt Sealcoating - Edging a parking lot - LDC PavingYour asphalt pavement is subjected to a great deal of abuse while performing its duties. Despite this, asphalt that has been properly installed should, with proper maintenance, reward you with many years of attractive service. If you want to help your asphalt pavement have a long, beautiful life, you should have it sealcoated to protect it from the following.

• Water: Water is your asphalt pavement’s enemy — not for what it can do to the asphalt itself (asphalt does not dissolve in water), but for what it can do if it finds its way beneath the pavement. Asphalt pavement must be installed on a well-compacted base to have the strength and resiliency to withstand the stresses placed upon it. If water gets beneath the pavement, the base can be eroded and become unstable. As a result, cracks or potholes can form, allowing more water to enter and more damage to be done. Sealcoating will not repair existing cracks, but it helps prevent them from forming by creating a water-resistant barrier on top of the pavement.
• Sun: Sunlight (or to be more precise, UV rays) can fade a variety of materials as well as cause them to age prematurely. Asphalt pavement is not immune to the effects of UV rays. Without sealcoating, the rich black color will fade to gray. The UV rays will also have a drying effect on your asphalt, leaving it brittle or crumbly. Crumbling or brittle asphalt loses its ability to “flex” with traffic, so large cracks, alligatored patches and potholes can form in a relatively short time. Sealcoating acts as a type of sunscreen for your asphalt, blocking many of the UV rays.
• Chemicals: There are a number of chemicals that can soften asphalt, and many of them are found in the vehicles that park or drive on your pavement. Oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, gasoline and transmission fluid can all damage asphalt surfaces. These types of leaks should be removed immediately, but that is not always possible. Sealcoating can buy you more time to remove the stains by slowing down the penetration of these chemicals. Left untreated, these stains will eventually eat through the sealcoating and reach the asphalt, but the process will be slowed so that you should have more than enough time to handle the problem. As an added bonus, sealcoating makes removing these stains (and all other cleaning) faster and easier.

LDC Paving is a full-service asphalt contractor serving the greater Houston area and surrounding counties. We recommend having asphalt pavement sealcoated soon after it is installed, with repeated applications as needed. Our Houston crews have the expertise to handle everything from parking lot striping,  parking lot maintenance, crack repair to concrete repair. For a free quote, call our office at 832-640-7296 or submit our online form.


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