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When sealcoating, how many coats are necessary?

Sealcoating is a water-based material that dries and cures as the water dissipates from the coating. A thick coating of sealant can retain water more easily than a thin one. Thus, applying sealant in thin coats can quicken the drying time because there is less water per coat.

When sealant is applied, the number of coats recommended is dependent on the condition of the asphalt, its intended use, and the expected traffic. Generally, surfaces that are traveled less frequently need fewer coats of sealant.

Residential driveways that have been previously sealed may need only one coat of sealant. However, manufacturers usually suggest two layers of sealcoating when home driveways are first sealed.

Two coats are usually applied to commercial parking lots and other surfaces that have moderate traffic. Sometimes entrances and exits that are high traffic areas will require a third coat. Extremely busy surfaces will need three coats of sealant to adequately protect the surface and extend its life.

The best method to determine how many coats of sealant your surface requires is to consult with an asphalt specialist. The contractors at LDC Paving will inspect the premises and make a recommendation. Our knowledgeable contractors ensure that each coat dries fully before applying the next coat. Smoothness and evenness are priorities. Dry layers are also crucial before applying markings, striping, and signs that enhance traffic flow.

If you have a property in Houston or nearby, you may need our asphalt maintenance, grading, concrete repairs, or striping services. LDC will customize the work to meet your expectations. We also offer asphalt services and installation for new paving projects. Contact LDC Paving by dialing 832-640-7296, or complete LDC’s and request a free quote.

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