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Sealcoating During The Winter In Houston

Sealcoating During The Winter In Houston, LDC Paving, Houston, TXAsphalt contractors in the Houston area are often asked whether it is possible to have sealcoating applied during the winter months. Temperature is the primary factor in determining the feasibility of a winter sealcoating job, and there will be many days during the winter months that are conducive to sealcoating. However, there will also be days on which sealcoating should not be applied.

Sealcoating During The Winter In Houston – Things To Consider

• When discussing the temperature requirements for sealcoating, you must consider both the ground temperature and the air temperature. Both must be at or above 50 degrees Fahrenheit when the job is started, and they need to increase as the day progresses.
• Until the sealant is completely dry, water can ruin it. Contractors consider the possibility of rain, but they must also evaluate the expected dew point and possibility of low-lying fog.
• Sealcoating relies on sunlight for curing. Since the days are shorter during the winter, the fresh asphalt sealer will not receive more than five hours or so of sunlight. This usually makes it impossible to apply the second coat on the same day. The same issue arises if the area is to have markings or striping applied.
• If the sealcoating does not dry properly, it will probably peel in the spring. In the meantime, the sealant could be tracked into your home or business, staining your carpets.
• Special problems can be exacerbated during the winter. For example, older pavement may have voids that allow extra sealcoating to collect, slowing the drying time. Shaded areas will also require additional drying time.

Sealcoating in the winter is definitely more challenging, but it is sometimes possible. However, you should contact a reputable contractor familiar with your local conditions who can also evaluate your pavement for any specific requirements.

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