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Why Safety, Sand, and Sealcoating Matters

Why Safety, Sand, and Sealcoating Matters, seal coat, sealcoating, asphalt sealcoating, LDC Paving, Houston, TXHave you ever wondered what is in the liquid sealant that contractors apply to your asphalt pavement? The exact recipe can vary, but the basic ingredients are dry sealcoating mix, water, any special additives desired and silica sand. Many people do not realize how important the last ingredient is if you want quality results from an application of sealcoating.

Why Safety, Sand, and Sealcoating Matters  -The Importance of Sand

Sand dramatically enhances the performance of sealcoating in three important ways.

• Sand improves safety by improving traction and reducing glare. Sealcoating that does not contain sand can be treacherous, especially when wet. The slippery nature of pavement treated with sealant that does not have the proper amount of sand in the mix makes it more likely that people could slip and fall or that vehicles could go into a skid. If people are injured or their property suffers damage, they might sue you. The improved traction and reduction in blinding glare can help protect you from potential liability.
• Sealants that lack sand will begin to crumble and flake very quickly. Even if the pavement is not subjected to unusual traffic or heavy loads, the sealcoating process may need to be repeated at shorter intervals, frequently two or three times as often as a comparable pavement in which sand was added to the sealant.
• Sealcoating that contains sand can make the pavement appear smoother. Tiny cracks or other small imperfections can mar the appearance of your pavement. The sand will help fill these flawed areas to make your pavement more attractive.

Not All Sand Is Useful

Getting the sealcoating mix right is essential for quality results. Contractors cannot use just any sand, however. Silica sand is the preferred choice for sealcoating. The sand particles must be put through a sieve that measures the size of the individual grains, and only grains falling within specific measurements should be used in the sealcoating mix. If the contractor does not use the right sand, the sealcoating could be too thick or too thin, resulting in an inferior job.

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