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Your Pothole And Asphalt Repair Remedy

Your Pothole And Asphalt Repair Remedy, Parking Lot Repair, parking lot repair, asphalt patching, asphalt pavementThe damage that potholes do to vehicles is estimated to be $6.5 billion annually. No studies exist that provide similar information for the number of pedestrians injured when they trip over a pothole and fall. Potholes are everywhere, and although they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they are usually the result of earlier damages that were left unrepaired.

Your Pothole And Asphalt Repair Remedy  – Cracks + Water = Potholes

In virtually all cases, potholes are the result of water seeping through a crack or cracks in the pavement. Asphalt pavement relies on a level, strong base for its ability to bear up under load. Water erodes the base, allowing the pavement to droop in places. Traffic passing over the sagging pavement hastens its deterioration, resulting in a pothole. Having cracks repaired quickly can help prevent the formation of potholes.

Automotive Fluids + Asphalt Pavement = Potholes

In some cases, automotive fluids are the cause of potholes. Automotive fluids break down asphalt pavement, leaving it too soft to stand up to traffic. Pavement in the affected area may be dislodged, forming an “instant” pothole, or it may provide a path for water to enter. The removal of automotive fluids should be part of your regular maintenance schedule.

Size + Overall Pavement Condition = Repair Method

Dumping new asphalt into a ragged pothole is not an acceptable repair method. However, asphalt contractors have developed several different methods for repairing potholes. Before deciding on a method, the contractor will evaluate the condition of the pavement in the vicinity of the pothole as well as the pothole’s size and the condition of the base. If the base has been eroded or alligator cracking has occurred around the pothole, the remove-and-replace method will likely be used. If the surrounding pavement is in good condition, however, it might be possible to apply a patch. It may also be possible to repair the pothole by trimming the damaged area before filling the pothole and applying a patch over the damaged area.

LDC Paving = Your Final Solution

LDC Paving is a full-service asphalt contractor serving Houston and surrounding counties with quality work, affordable prices and superior customer service. We specialize in parking lot maintenance and asphalt patching and asphalt repair, including crack repair, asphalt paving and overlays, pavement markings, sealcoating, speed bumps and bollard posts. If you want to discuss your asphalt needs or request a free quote, you can use the online form to send us the details or call us at 832-640-7296.

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We are now certified with the City of Houston for asphalt paving, concrete, asphalt & concrete repair, sealcoating, bollard post installation, striping, and crack seal. We are also registered with the City as MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and a SBE (Small Business Enterprise)