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Sealcoating, Asphalt Resurfacing or Repaving

Sealcoating, Asphalt Resurfacing or Repaving, Asphalt Paving, sealcoating, LDC PavingOver time, even the best asphalt pavement is going to begin to show its age. Cracks may develop, the sun may fade the pavement’s color or depressions could appear. If your pavement is damaged or less attractive than it was when it was new, you may be wondering how to remedy the problems. Three very different procedures are commonly used to correct issues with asphalt pavement.

Sealcoating, Asphalt Resurfacing or Repaving

Sealcoating — A Beauty Treatment that Protects

If the major issue with your asphalt pavement is that its color has faded, sealcoating can restore the beautiful, rich black color of new asphalt. However, the protection that sealcoating provides can be even more valuable. Sealcoating dries to a hard finish that slows down the penetration of oil, gas and other automotive fluids that can break down the binders in your pavement. It also acts as a sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays, which can rob your pavement of the moisture it needs as well as fade its color. Sealcoating should be applied to new asphalt pavement within the first few months and reapplied every two to three years. Cracks and other damages will need to be repaired prior to sealcoating.

Resurfacing — An Affordable Option to Total Replacement

When you have your asphalt pavement resurfaced, your contractor will apply an additional layer of asphalt over your existing pavement, eliminating all or most of the need to remove existing asphalt. He will first repair any cracks or potholes to prevent the damaged areas from showing through on the new pavement. If the foundation supporting the pavement is in relatively stable condition and the pavement has major damage on less than 30 percent of its surface, it may be a good candidate for resurfacing.

Repaving — When Nothing Else Is Feasible

As all seamstresses know, there are times when the best solution is to rip out the stitches and start anew. Sometimes, the best solution for problems with asphalt pavement is to remove it all and reconstruct it. This is especially true if the foundation needs extensive repairs, and it is normally the best option if cracks and potholes affect more than about 45 percent of the pavement. Because the existing pavement will be removed, there is no need to repair cracks or other breaks, but the process will take longer, be noisier and be more disruptive to traffic. However, if you have areas of your pavement that have subsided, vast expanses of alligatored asphalt or large areas of pavement that are crumbling or soft, you may have no other option.

LDC Paving — The Superior Asphalt Contractor in the Houston Area

LDC Paving is a full-service paving contractor serving the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding counties. Our services include asphalt paving, pavement markings, crack filling, pothole repairs, sealcoating and many more asphalt-related procedures. We pride ourselves on delivering quality results at competitive prices. If you would like to request a free quote, you can submit the online form or call (832) 640-7296.

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We are now certified with the City of Houston for asphalt paving, concrete, asphalt & concrete repair, sealcoating, bollard post installation, striping, and crack seal. We are also registered with the City as MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and a SBE (Small Business Enterprise)