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Is it Possible to Remove Pavement Markings?

asphalt-millingYes, asphalt professionals frequently eradicate old pavement markings using a variety of techniques. The method used depends on factors such as the area involved and the appearance desired after removal.

Blasting: For asphalt pavement, subjecting a media to extreme air pressure and then “blasting” it through a nozzle at the old markings provides an effective method of removal. The three most commonly used media for blasting pavement markings are sand, water and baking soda. All of these are very effective, but the costs can vary. Sand blasting is considered the “messiest” of the three as neither water nor soda require the same amount of clean up. Water blasting is generally considered to leave asphalt in the most pristine condition, followed by soda blasting. However, any marks left by any of the methods are almost always temporary and very minor.

Cutting/Grinding: Grinding off pavement markings is more commonly performed on concrete surfaces, but it can occasionally be used on asphalt. However, scarification — a process that cuts out the marking — is much more common for asphalt pavement. In this method, a machine with a vertical cutting wheel removes the marking. The machine will also cut off a thin piece of the asphalt, however, and the damages are permanent. Therefore, if appearance is critical, this method is not recommended.

Other Eradication Methods: Some property owners opt for concealing old markings rather than removing them. A process called blacking out involves applying paint that is a near match for the adjacent pavement over the old markings. The appearance leaves much to be desired, however, and it is not a permanent solution, with repainting required periodically. Solvents are rarely used on asphalt pavement as they can damage the asphalt as well as the sealcoating, but in specific situations, they may be used over a very small area.

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