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Patchwork…when and where?

Asphalt Repair Project 4 - LDC Paving, Houston TXIn some parts of the country, patchwork has to be performed during the spring and summer months — after the snow has melted and before temperatures begin to drop again. This is not as critical an issue in more temperate regions, such as the Houston area, It is a valid “rule of thumb,” but it does not fully address the most important aspect of patchwork, which is that damaged asphalt needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Asphalt surfaces rest on a foundation that is an essential part of the pavement’s load-bearing ability. When water has an access point (such as a crack) in the pavement, it will reach the layer of the foundation immediately underneath the surface. As the water spreads, it erodes the very foundation on which the integrity of the surface depends. More cracks will form, and in a relatively short time, the pavement will be too damaged for patchwork to save it.

The “how” of patchwork depends on two primary factors: the type of damage and the condition of the asphalt surrounding the damage. The two methods most commonly used are full-depth patching and surface patching. Full-depth patching means that the damaged pavement and (if necessary) part of the sub-base must be removed. After rebuilding the compromised section of the sub-base, new asphalt is applied. This is typically the longest-lasting repair method. Surface patching is more similar to applying a bandage over a wound. No excavation is necessary; asphalt is spread over the “wound” and feathered onto the surrounding, undamaged asphalt. This method can only be used if the surrounding asphalt is in sufficiently good condition.

The highly trained crews at LDC Paving have the knowledge and experience to know which patchwork method (asphalt repair) is most suitable for a specific job. We offer a complete range of asphalt services to commercial and residential property owners in the greater Houston area and surrounding counties. For a free quote, you can submit our online form, or you can phone us at (832) 640-7296.

In Houston and surrounding areas, we specialize in asphalt paving, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, and all pavement maintenance in general.

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