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The Myths about Asphalt

The Myths about Asphalt, LDC Paving, Houston, TX, Asphalt Paving Asphalt has a long history as a quality paving material that is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. Despite this, several myths continue to circulate about asphalt. The most common ones — and the related facts — follow.  This applies to asphalt paving in Houston and through the county.

The Myths about Asphalt

Myth: Asphalt plants pollute the air.

Fact: Modern asphalt production plants apply strict guidelines regarding emissions — guidelines that exceed the requirements mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The industry has spent millions of dollars to develop new filtration technology as well. The EPA has found that asphalt production plants are not a major source of dangerous air pollutants.

Myth: Asphalt surfaces only last a few years.

Fact: If an asphalt surface is installed correctly and then receives repairs when needed and proper maintenance, the surface can last for many years. Some asphalt roads have been in service for more than 60 years and are still in good condition.

Myth: Asphalt contaminates groundwater when it ages.

Fact: Decaying asphalt does not release any dangerous chemicals. It cannot contaminate groundwater or soil. Because of this, asphalt linings are often used for public reservoirs, landfills and even fish hatcheries.

Myth: Asphalt is seldom recycled.

Fact: Twice as much asphalt is reclaimed in the U.S. each year than the combined total for aluminum, paper, glass and plastic. Asphalt is 100-percent recyclable.

Myth: Asphalt is difficult to repair.

Fact: Asphalt is easier to repair than concrete, and repairs can be made in less time and at a lower cost.

Myth: Asphalt never needs maintenance.

Fact: Asphalt — and every other type of paving material — requires a certain amount of preventive maintenance to provide the maximum return on investment. Sealants can help protect an asphalt surface, but it is also crucial to repair small cracks or chips before the damage can spread.

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