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Low Prices Are Not Always Yours Best Friend

LDC offers commercial asphalt pavingPrice alone cannot determine your level of satisfaction with a product. For example, getting a huge discount on a car you hate to drive is not much of a bargain, whether you purchase an economy model or the latest luxury import. Store brand sodas that your children pour down the drain when you turn your back are not a value, but store brand sodas that they enjoy can be a bargain. In other words, a bargain that has little or no value to you cannot be considered a true bargain.

Surprisingly, many people who understand the concept of discriminating bargain hunting when they shop for shoes or food forget to apply their knowledge when they need asphalt installation, maintenance or repairs. They assume that because “asphalt is asphalt,” the results will be the same regardless of which paving contractor they choose; therefore, they might as well accept the lowest quote. More often, you discover that the lowest bid is an orange and all of the other quotes are for apples.

• If you are looking for paving services in Houston, ask what is the depth specified in each bid? Asphalt depth can range from two inches to as much as seven inches. The depth is determined by the amount and weight of the traffic expected. If you are having a driveway installed or asphalt repair at your home that will only be subjected to having a couple of cars on it per day, you might be fine with a depth of two to three inches. Put that depth on a lot that will see regular deliveries by 18-wheelers and you will be replacing the pavement in no time. At the same time, very few residential driveways need a 6- or 7-inch depth. What all this means is that you need to compare what each contractor is offering and make sure that what is being quoted will be sufficient for your needs.
• If you are having repairs performed, what technique is planned? Even on something as simple as an asphalt crack repair, there are a number of methods that asphalt professionals can use. Some repair methods are extremely short-lived, while other techniques can give results that will last as long as the surrounding pavement. Typically, a long-lasting, attractive repair will cost a bit more than an ugly repair that will need to be repeated within a year or so.
• How long will you be inconvenienced while the work is underway? For example, if you are having your parking lot sealcoated, there are additives that contractors can use to make the sealant dry faster so that your lot can be reopened sooner.

These are just some of the points you need to compare when reviewing bids. You will probably find that the lowest and highest bids need to be eliminated from your consideration. In most cases, you will need to decide among the many quotes that are within a few dollars of each other and grouped in between the two extremes.

LDC Paving is a full-service Houston asphalt paving contractor serving the metropolitan area and surrounding counties. Whether you need an asphalt overlay, wheel stops and bollards installed, concrete repair, sealcoating or any other asphalt-related service, we can help. Our crews have extensive industry experience and are dedicated to providing on-time, quality results. You can request your free quote by using our online form, or call one of our friendly staff members at 832-640-7296.

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