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Fast Facts About Asphalt Paving

Fast Facts About Asphalt Paving, LDC Paving, Houston, TXDo you enjoy trivia games? If so, the following fast facts about asphalt may be welcome additions to your knowledge base — even though many of them could hardly be considered “trivial.”

Fast Facts About Asphalt Paving

• The first known road surface incorporating asphalt paving was in Babylon approximately 2,650 years ago. An inscription dated to 625 B.C. describes paving a street between the city’s north wall and the king’s palace with “burned brick and asphalt.”
• Asphalt has been known by many names, including blacktop, macadam, bitumen, tarmac and plant mix. However, the ancient Greeks called it “asphaltos,” which is the source of the material’s most common name.
• In ancient Rome, engineers used asphalt to seal their reservoirs, aqueducts and baths.
• Sir Walter Raleigh wrote about finding a lake of asphalt on an island off the Venezuelan coast and using it to re-caulk his wooden ships.
• The Europeans embraced asphalt roads long before the Americans. Yorkshire built about 180 miles of asphalt roads during the 17th century, and Scotland constructed more than 900 miles of asphalt roads between 1803 and 1821. Asphalt pavement did not see use in America until after the Civil War.
• Approximately 94 percent of America’s paved roads feature asphalt pavement.
• Asphalt has been dubbed the “perpetual pavement” because 100 percent of all asphalt pavements can be recycled. This has made asphalt pavement the most-recycled material in the nation.
• Early advocates of asphalt pavement attempted to patent the material as well as their “special” mixes. Some patents were issued, but increased standards for asphalt pavement ordered by Federal and local agencies made these patents outdated by around 1920.
• Asphalt is widely used at airports to build runways. Asphalt pavement can bear the weight of even large commercial jets at the busiest airports in the nation.
• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers asphalt so safe that it can be used to line reservoirs for public water supplies, landfills and tanks at commercial fish hatcheries.

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