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What is the difference between hot-pour and cold- pour crack sealants?

asphalt-crack-repair-2Ignoring a crack in your asphalt surface is a bad idea. Left untreated, cracks can expand and lead to costly repairs. Potholes, alligatored asphalt and destabilization of the base can result from an open crack that allows water to find its way beneath the surface. Asphalt contractors normally choose between hot-pour and cold-pour sealants to repair cracks, but these two types of products have five crucial differences.

1. Products: Hot-pour sealants are asphalt-based. Cold-pour sealants can be asphalt-based, but many are water-based products.
2. Application: Hot-pour fillers must be melted on the job site. Cold-pour fillers arrive ready-to-use. Contractors have more options for applying cold-pour fillers, such as pouring it or using a spatula to spread it directly from the container.
3. Durability: This is where the differences are most pronounced. Hot-pour sealants stay flexible, which allows them the “bounce back” from traffic as well as adjust to changes in the temperature of the ground. Cold-pour becomes inflexible when it dries, so it does not have the ability to flex. One single night of below-freezing temperatures can dislodge the plug when the asphalt contracts around it. In addition to its lack of flexibility, cold-pour sealants do not have the same cohesive properties as hot-pour types, so the filling can shrink away from the asphalt easier.
4. Uses: Cold-pour crack sealants are rarely used for surfaces other than residential driveways. The overwhelming majority of commercial property owners and government road-building agencies prefer the hot-pour variety.
5. Cost: If only the initial costs are compared, the cold-pour method is the less expensive of the two types. However, due to its lack of durability, it may be necessary to replace a cold-pour sealant much more frequently, negating any economic benefits.

The five points listed demonstrate that the hot-pour variety is usually the better option for repairing asphalt cracks. However, every situation is different, and only an asphalt contractor can make the final determination. Factors such as your plans for resurfacing or sealcoating your asphalt, the severity of the cracking and the weather conditions must be evaluated before arriving at a recommendation.

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