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Does Crack Filling Really Work

Does Crack Filling Really Work, LDC Paving, Houston, TXAsphalt crack filling, or crack repair, works very well when performed for its intended purpose, which is to prevent further deterioration of the pavement. It is not an alternative to resurfacing a worn-out parking lot or driveway. However, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that your asphalt surface will reach its full lifespan.

Does Crack Filling Really Work – Here is Why!

Crack filling is basically what the name implies. Material is inserted into a crack, and normally there is some overlap onto the adjacent asphalt. The type of material can vary, depending on the size of the crack, the climate and the traffic to which the repair will be subjected. Different materials have different life expectancies as well as costs. For example, asphalt cements and emulsions are less expensive than fiber modified asphalt, but the latter typically lasts more than twice as long — up to eight years in some cases, compared to a maximum of about four years for the other fills mentioned.

However, the life expectancy of a fill is not the most important part of the equation. It is an essential element in preventing additional damages. Cracks let in water, which pools under the surface and wears away the supporting base. When an asphalt surface does not have a level, well-compacted foundation, it can begin to crumble. Potholes form, edges break off and entire sections of the pavement can become sunken, uplifted or spider-webbed with cracks. This can result in the entire area needing to be completely resurfaced many years earlier than would have been required with proper repairs and maintenance.

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