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What is the cost to pave a driveway?

AsphaltAsphalt contractors frequently receive phone calls to ask for a quote. The problem is that it is impossible to give an accurate quote without first visiting the site. They might be able to give a broad estimate, such as “It will cost between $x and $z,” but the range is usually not very helpful. Not even providing you with a cost-per-square-foot will be particularly useful. There are simply too many things that contractors must include or exclude to arrive at a reliable quote.  To determine the cost of paving is not as easy as you may think.

For example, the location of your job can affect costs. The asphalt paving contractor must consider how much it will cost to have truckloads of asphalt delivered to the site. (He must also figure out exactly how many trucks will be required.) The nearer your site is to the asphalt plant, the lower the transportation costs, such as fuel and wages for the truck drivers.

Similarly, the further you are from the contractor’s equipment, the more costly the job will be. Contractors must transport their heavy equipment to the site, along with any hand tools that are needed. The greater the distance your site is from his equipment, the more expensive the job.

Contractors must also determine whether the terrain is ready to have a driveway installed. There may be existing pavement, trees or shrubs that must be removed. The soil may be eroded and need to be leveled. The area may need to have its drainage corrected. The less work the contractor’s crew must do to prepare the ground, the lower your costs.

There is also the issue of whether some of the area will be inaccessible to the heavy equipment. If the crew must handle the installation manually, it will cost more as it will require more time.

Asking a reputable paving contractor to inspect your property first allows you to receive an accurate quote on what it will really cost to install your new driveway. If estimates are obtained over the phone, you risk having the estimate increased at the last minute once the contractor gets a good look at your site.

LDC Paving offers asphalt paving services in the greater Houston metropolitan area and adjacent counties. We handle asphalt overlays, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repairs, pavement striping and more. Our crews are highly experienced and well-trained, allowing us to deliver quality results at competitive prices. Use our online form to request a free quote, or call us at 832-640-7296.


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