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Concrete Curing Process

Concrete Curing Process, concrete contractor houston By weight, concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world. Its use goes back many centuries, and some of the earliest examples of concrete construction are still in existence today.

Concrete Curing Process – What Is Concrete?

The most common form of concrete used today consists of Portland cement, water and an aggregate that is usually composed of gravel and sand. The basic formula can be adjusted and further amended with chemical or mineral admixtures tailored to the intended use. Since concrete has a high compressive strength but low tensile strength, it is often reinforced with steel. The applications for concrete are varied and constantly increasing with new technology.

How Does Concrete Cure?

For concrete to achieve its maximum strength and durability, it needs to cure properly. Concrete cures through a process called hydration. During the hydration process, the cement goes through a chemical reaction that causes it to bond with the aggregate. Proper curing requires the concrete to remain damp. If concrete loses moisture too fast, the hydration process is halted and the concrete will not fully cure. Concrete that does not cure correctly will not achieve its maximum strength.

Many variables can affect the curing process, including proper mix, ambient temperature and wind. Concrete may “set” quickly, allowing it to be walked on within hours, but the curing process will continue much longer. Freshly poured concrete is often kept moist by covering it, dampening it occasionally or applying chemicals that slow the evaporation of water. In general, the slower that concrete cures, the greater its strength will be.

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