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Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Different Skills

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Different Skills, paving asphalt houstonMost people would prefer to take swimming lessons from someone who could actually swim, have a veterinarian diagnose their pet’s ailment instead of relying on the opinion of an untrained neighbor or take their car to an auto shop rather than a coffee shop when repairs are needed. However, many commercial property owners assume that a contractor who can install a residential driveway will automatically have the expertise to handle a commercial asphalt paving project.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Different Skills

A residential driveway will have few demands placed on it. It will not need to support a high volume of traffic and the weight of the traffic typically will be limited to passenger vehicles. Furthermore, a standard residential driveway is a relatively small expanse of pavement.

With commercial pavements, the volume of traffic will be greater. In many cases, the pavement may need to bear the weight of delivery trucks, recreational vehicles or even heavy equipment. The total square footage will also be much greater.

What all of this means is that an asphalt contractor has more to do to ensure that a commercial pavement will perform as it should. Everything from the type of soil underlying the pavement to the asphalt mix used for the surface course must be considered. There are also logistical issues to deal with, including the scheduling of the trucks delivering the hot asphalt, the deployment of the right equipment at the right time and the coordination of crew activities.

The larger the project, the more important it is to ensure that all pieces of the installation puzzle fit together seamlessly. This is the contractor’s job, but the skills required cannot be acquired without actual hands-on experience. Therefore, hiring an asphalt contractor for a commercial asphalt paving project who has never dealt with a job of comparable scope can have disastrous results.

What Are Some of the Things an Asphalt Contractor Considers for Commercial Paving Projects?

Experienced asphalt contractors know that there are many variables to evaluate when planning a commercial paving project. Here are just a few of these things.

• What type of soil will be under the pavement? Soils with high contents of clay or sand can require special attention.
• What is the best grade for the pavement? If the pavement does not have the proper slope, it will not drain properly.
• How deep should the base be? The base is the foundation supporting the pavement. If it is too weak, the pavement can sag or crack.
• What size and type of aggregates should be used for the base construction? If the aggregates are incorrectly chosen, there could be problems with water accumulating beneath the pavement or with obtaining sufficient compaction.
• How many layers of asphalt will need to be applied? Too few layers will result in the premature failure of the pavement, but too many layers will increase the costs unnecessarily.
• Which asphalt mix should be used? There are numerous asphalt mixes, including some custom mixes designed for specific functionalities.

Although all of these factors should also be considered when performing residential paving, the repercussions of getting one element wrong are much more severe for a commercial paving project. Experienced asphalt paving contractors knows how each element must perform as well as how different variations can affect the life and performance of the entire pavement.

Choose an Experienced, Reputable Contractor

When it comes to commercial asphalt paving, the most critical decision is your choice of a contractor. LDC Paving is a full-service asphalt paving company serving the greater Houston area. We have the skills and experience to deliver quality work and superior customer service at affordable prices. Our services include asphalt paving, sealcoating, asphalt overlays, parking lot markings, asphalt repairs, site work, speed bumps and concrete work. For a free estimate, call (832) 640-7296 or use the online form to submit your information.

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