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When is it “too Cold to Pave” in Houston?

lee boy driveway 2Asphalt pavement needs to be applied hot, and it must be compacted before it has a chance to cool substantially. Most contractors use an air temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit as a rough estimate of when it is too cold to pave, but other factors must be weighed that can change the cut-off point to a warmer or cooler temperature.

• Ground Temperature — In addition to the temperature of the air, contractors must consider the temperature of the ground. If it is too cold, it will pull too much heat out of the asphalt, making it virtually impossible to achieve the right degree of compaction for the pavement to perform satisfactorily.
• Wind and Humidity — High winds and high humidity levels can expedite the cooling of the asphalt. If temperatures are just barely within tolerance, wind speed and humidity push acceptable limits into the unacceptable range.
• Depth of Pavement — The thicker the pavement, the longer it will retain its heat. Therefore, it might be possible to apply a two- or three-inch layer at colder temperatures than would be acceptable for a thin overlay.
• Square Footage of Job — It is relatively easy to apply a small patch in cold weather, such as a pothole or crack repair, especially since the introduction of infrared asphalt repair technology. This method uses a special hotbox that uses infrared heaters to keep asphalt at the proper temperature during transport and while at the job site. Thus, a small job may be feasible at a colder temperature than a large job, such as paving miles of roadway or a shopping-center parking lot.

In the Houston metropolitan area, there are typically only a few days per year when it might be too cold to pave. However, as LDC Paving has been providing customers in this area with outstanding asphalt-related services since 2009, we know that the weather can vary greatly between years. Although we can state that it is almost never too cold to pave in this area — providing all other factors support a positive outcome — we cannot state that it will always be possible. We pride ourselves of delivering outstanding work, whether the job involves paving, sealcoating, striping or repairs. If we do not feel that the weather will permit us to provide the superior results we demand of ourselves, we will advise you accordingly. Call us at 832-640-7296 to learn more, or send us your information by submitting our online job request form or call for a free quotation.

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