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Is Coal Tar Safe In Houston

Is Coal Tar Safe In Houston, LDC Paving in Houston TXCoal tar is one of the most commonly used materials in the asphalt industry. While it has received somewhat of a bad reputation over the past several years, it is eminently safe to use in both commercial and residential projects. All of the detrimental health effects are associated with unrefined coke oven tar, which is not used within the industry. In fact, asphalt paving companies typically use refined coal tar sealer, which is specifically manufactured for use in sealcoating projects. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is the governmental watchdog agency created to look out for employee safety, is convinced that there are no medical problems linked to coal tar. Companies can continue to use the material in a variety of pavement maintenance projects without worrying about health problems.

Is Coal Tar Safe In Houston – The Usefulness of Coal Tar

Coal tar is used primarily in sealcoating work. It adds a richness to asphalt that cannot be gained in any other way. It is also highly resistant to oil and water, which means it will protect the underlying pavement from premature decay. Craftsmen will repair cracks and potholes in the pavement before the sealcoat is applied. In most cases, the coal tar will extend the life of the asphalt and will ensure that it remains in immaculate condition through the years ahead. With no adverse health effects, coal tar will continue to be a wonderfully reliable material.

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