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What material is better…Concrete or Asphalt?

Concrete and asphalt are popular paving substances. Concrete uses a cement-based binder to make aggregate adhere. Asphalt is a hydrocarbon mixture that looks like tar; its binding is created from crude oil. The type of binding affects the appearance and rigidity of the paving substances. Customers can easily compare the dark appearance of regular asphalt to the pale color of concrete, but they may be unfamiliar with other differences that can help them choose the right paving material.

Color and Weather

Although concrete and asphalt can come in other colors, most asphalt is black. In contrast, concrete usually has a light appearance. Light colors absorb less light than dark ones. Therefore, they do not have as much energy in the form of heat to release. Thus, dark asphalt melts ice faster than pale concrete.

Rigidity of Paving Materials

Concrete is a hard material that does not change to accommodate movement underneath it. Asphalt is pliant and can adjust to changes. Since concrete and asphalt are often used to cover ground, which has life underneath it, natural changes can occur that may affect the paving. The flexibility of asphalt can handle changes without cracking or crumbling.


Repairing and applying asphalt paving is less time-consuming and cheaper than concrete paving. A contractor can apply asphalt within a few hours of mixing it. It is also easier to repair asphalt. Concrete may be less likely to get potholes, but it is more likely to show weathering stains.

The benefits of asphalt make it a better choice for most customers who need paving. LDC Paving provides competent, hassle-free asphalt paving to customers in the Houston area. Experience quality, trustworthy paving services by our licensed professionals. Visit the LDC Paving website or contact us at 832-640-7296 to get a prompt, free quote.

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