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Can You Pave Asphalt Over Concrete

Can You Pave Asphalt Over Concrete, LDC Paving, Houston TXIf you are interested in switching from a concrete surface to asphalt, you can typically have asphalt pavement applied directly to the concrete. Because asphalt needs a supportive base, concrete makes a great foundation. This is a common practice in road construction, and many, many miles of state highways, county roads, interstates and city streets feature an asphalt overlay over a concrete base.  LDC Paving, a Houston Asphalt Paving Contractor, is here to help with the answers.

Can You Pave Asphalt Over Concrete

Keep in mind, however, that not all concrete surfaces can take an asphalt overlay that will yield good results. If the soil under the concrete in unstable, it may have shifted since the concrete was poured. Sections of the concrete may have subsided or been pushed upward. This may affect the entire section or just one side of a section. The more pronounced the unevenness, the greater the likelihood that an asphalt overlay would be a bad idea.

Another potential problem involves the expansion joints. Concrete surfaces are poured in sections, and cracks (called expansion joints) are left between the sections. With repeated freezing and thawing of the ground, these expansion joints can widen and allow the sections to move beyond the intended range. Cracks in the concrete can result in cracks in the asphalt, so even normal expansion joints can result in the need to have the asphalt repaired in a few years. However, large gaps will result in cracks in the asphalt in a very short time. Since it is often impossible to fill large cracks in a way that gives satisfactory results, wide gaps between concrete sections is usually an indication that an asphalt overlay is not appropriate.

Lastly, a concrete surface made from inferior or improperly mixed materials can deteriorate rapidly. Putting an asphalt overlay on top of crumbling concrete is a little like putting a dishtowel over a glass plate that has several cracks in it. You will not be able to see the damages, but they still exist — and if you press the top of the dishtowel or move the plate, you can wind up with a plate that is now in multiple pieces.

If you are familiar with the Houston area, you probably know that the soil in this area presents some unique challenges when it comes to pavement. At LDC Paving, we have years of experience with Houston soils as well as all phases of asphalt installation, repair and parking lot maintenance. If you would like a free quote on an asphalt paving, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt repair, speed bumps or parking stops, give us a call at 832-640-7296 or submit our online form.

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