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Can You Pave Asphalt In The Rain

Can You Pave Asphalt In The Rain, Houston, TXAsphalt paving is a delicate process that must be completed under the right weather conditions. While bright sunshine and warm temperatures are generally ideal, rain can throw a wrench into even the most rigorously prepared blueprints. While light sprinkles can be handled without any problems, moderate rain events will usually shut down the project until clear weather returns. In fact, pavement must always be installed free of moisture. This ensures that the asphalt and the aggregate will properly bond to each other so that the end product will remain viable and durable for many years.

Can You Pave Asphalt In The Rain – Problems

Rain presents a problem because it cools the asphalt as it is being laid. If this is not effectively dealt with, proper compaction can be difficult to obtain. In the worst case scenario, the pavement will end up much too soft and will not be able to handle heavy traffic loads. Likewise, puddles that are covered in asphalt can turn to steam, which may very well lead to stripping. In effect, the binding process will be prevented from occurring as it should.

Shutting Down a Project Site During Rain Events

Companies must do a number of things when a storm arises suddenly. All trucks must be covered in tarps as soon as possible. Material that is currently in the hopper must be disposed of according to construction codes. Contractors should also take precautions so that streaks of dirt and mud are not unceremoniously dragged into the project area. Compacted mud, in fact, can be very difficult to remove later on. Vertical-faced construction joints might also be added for an extra layer of protection.

The Viability of Asphalt

Because asphalt is designed to last for several years, it is essential that contractors install it under dry conditions. Cutting corners when a rain event is on the horizon is always a bad idea. It is better to secure the job site properly so that the project can be continued when drier skies prevail. Reputable craftsmen will ensure that the new pavement surface remains in great shape for 10 to 15 years.

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