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Can Asphalt Sealer Be Applied At Night

Can Asphalt Sealer Be Applied At Night, Houston, Texas area.Many paving contractors would rather pass up a job than apply sealcoating at night. Overnight applications of sealcoating are risky at best. The odds are great that either the application will fail or the sealcoating will have a greatly reduced life, resulting in an unhappy customer. Therefore, although it is not impossible to sealcoat at night, it is not advisable, especially in areas with the climate that is prevalent along the Gulf Coast.

Can Asphalt Sealer Be Applied At Night -Ideal Conditions

Sealant manufacturers go to great lengths to describe the conditions under which to achieve successful results. One noteworthy recommendation that most manufacturers include pertains to the relative humidity level. The ideal humidity level, according to most manufacturers, is 50 percent. In the Houston area, the normal humidity averages are between 70 and 77 percent year-round. In the pre-dawn hours, humidity can spike to as much as 90 percent. The higher the humidity, the longer it will take the sealcoating to dry. The humidity levels in Houston present enough of a challenge to asphalt contractors during the daytime that few of them want to compound the problem by sealcoating at night.

Importance of Sunlight

Drying is only part of the issue, however. Asphalt sealcoating is engineered to use the sun’s rays to cure it completely. The UV rays help the sealcoating form a hard layer that can withstand traffic much better than the soft layer that typically forms with insufficient sunlight. Soft sealcoating will wear out in just a very few months and typically has only 1/4 to 1/3 the life expectancy of sealcoating with a sufficiently hardened layer. Regardless of when the sealcoating is applied, it will still need anywhere from four to eight hours of exposure to sunlight before reopening the area. In other words, you are probably going to need to keep your freshly sealcoated area closed to traffic for most or all of the day anyway, so why not have the work done when conditions are more likely to provide a long-lasting result?

Other Options

LDC Paving is an asphalt paving contractor in Houston offering an extensive range of asphalt-related services to customers in Harris County and surrounding areas since 2009. During our years of sealcoating pavement for apartment complexes, shopping centers and many other businesses, we have learned the best ways to provide quality results at affordable rates while minimizing the customer’s downtime. In addition to providing sealcoating services, we also provide asphalt overlays and paving, asphalt repairs, installation of traffic signs and concrete repair and many more services. To discuss alternatives to applying sealcoating at night or request an estimate on any asphalt-related service, call 832-640-7296 or submit our online quote request.

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