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Can Sealcoat Be Slippery After It’s Applied

Can Sealcoat Be Slippery After It's Applied, LDC Paving, Houston, TXAsphalt sealcoating can do a great deal to enhance the appearance and extend the life of your asphalt pavement. However, this might be of little benefit to you if the sealant left you open to potential liabilities caused by slippery pavement. The good news is that sealcoating should not make your surface slippery — if it is mixed correctly.

Can Sealcoat Be Slippery After It’s Applied – How Does It Work?

Sealant normally arrives from the manufacturer to the contractor. As sealant is needed, contractor mix the sealant with water, silica sand, and additives according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Each type of sealant can require different amounts of each ingredient, so the contractor must pay careful attention to get the ratios correct. If he adds too much water, for example, the mixture cannot handle as much sand.

Sand is what keeps the sealant from making the sealed surface slippery. In addition to improving traction, sand helps mask minor flaws in the pavement and tones down sun glare. It also makes the sealant tougher and more durable.

Some mixing errors are caused by negligence, such as when the contractor reads the instructions incorrectly or does not read them at all, assuming that he knows the proper amounts. However, some contractors might try to cut costs by deliberately adding more water than they should, hoping to make the same quantity of sealant cover a larger area. Other contractors simply lack the experience to understand how important an adequate amount of sand is for providing a quality sealcoating job. Therefore, when you are requesting quotes for your next sealcoating project, you should make a point of asking contractors whether they add sand to the sealant mix and whether they follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for water content.

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