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Can Asphalt Sealcoating Save Money

Can Asphalt Sealcoating Save Money, Houston TXThe concept of asphalt sealcoating is relatively simple, but can save your business a lot of money. It can also work wonders for the appearance of your parking area or other asphalt surface and give it a like new appearance. Like any type of sealant, asphalt sealer works by locking in the important properties that make it a sound structure. Much like a wood sealant, the longer those properties stay locked in, the longer it will last. Periodic sealcoating saves you money by protecting and extending the life of your pavement, without the need for repaving.

Can Asphalt Sealcoating Save Money  РHow It Works

Before sealcoating, we carefully fix any cracks and potholes that might have formed in your pavement. Then, we cover the entire area with a sealant that will give your parking area a fresh, almost-new appearance. This sealer will help cover up the repairs that have been made to your pavement and will protect your parking lot from the elements and other damage.

Lastly, we will repaint all of the lines and pavement markings in your parking area. This looks far better than faded stripes and will help give your parking area a striking appearance when paired with new look of a fresh sealcoating job. Crisp and clear pavement markings also provide clear directions to drivers and pedestrians, making your parking lot safe and secure.

Although you probably already know that sealcoating can give your pavement a nice appearance, you might not realize how much money it can save you over the years. However, it’s been estimated that on a 30,000 square foot parking lot a business can save over $100,000 over a 15 year period. That’s substantial.

LDC Paving has been in business since 2009 and offers exceptional pavement maintenance and repair services for commercial properties. If you fill out our contact form or give us a call at (281) 738-5336 today, we can give you a quote for these necessary services and can assist you in preserving your asphalt right away.

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