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Is Asphalt Pavement A Sustainable Material


Is Asphalt Pavement A Sustainable Material, Asphalt Paving, LDC Paving, Houston, TXThe determination of whether a material can be considered sustainable is based on the answers to two critical questions:
  • Are the sources of the materials renewable?
  • Can the material be produced in great quantities without having a negative impact on the environment?

Is Asphalt Pavement A Sustainable Material – YES!

Asphalt pavement can be 100 percent reclaimed. Not only can it be recycled, approximately 95 percent of it is rejuvenated to make more asphalt pavement. More than 70 million tons of asphalt pavement is recycled every year, and some years, that total tops the 100-million ton mark. Theoretically, asphalt pavement can be recycled in perpetuity, with each new batch being reclaimed and turned into new pavement. As an added bonus to the environment, the asphalt recycling process uses other materials, including rubber tires and blast-furnace slag, that could otherwise be consigned to the landfill.

As for the effect of mass production on the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency considers asphalt-manufacturing plants to introduce only a minor amount of industrial pollutants into the air. Asphalt pavement does not leach into water, because it is not soluble in water. Furthermore, unlike some materials that have high energy requirements to recycle or manufacture, asphalt pavement requires considerably less energy to produce. It also uses less energy to install.

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