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Asphalt Repair, Potholes, and Property Management

Asphalt Repair, Potholes, and Property Management, Houston TXTime after time, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists have sued municipalities, business owners and property management companies to seek payment for a personal injury resulting from encountering a pothole or other type of pavement damage. Bicyclists in particular have won some noteworthy cases.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Asphalt Repair, Potholes, and Property Management

• A bicyclist in Illinois was awarded $350,000 after her bike lodged in a pothole, propelling her over the handlebars.
• A city in California was ordered to pay $325 million to a bicyclist who suffered serious facial and head injuries as the result of an accident caused by damaged pavement.

Thus, all potholes should be regarded as potential liabilities and repaired promptly. If you are wondering why, keep reading to learn more about the risks posed by potholes.


Picture this scenario: A woman is carrying packages from your store to her car in your parking lot. She fails to see a pothole and trips, and the resulting fall breaks her hip. She is forced to endure corrective surgery, is unable to work for several weeks, cannot care for herself and is faced with a painful joint that may never fully recover. If you were aware that there were potholes in your parking lot and you had sufficient time to repair them, the injured woman could well receive a hefty judgment should she engage an attorney.

Most pedestrians do not suffer major injuries from their encounters with potholes. They may sprain an ankle or scrape a knee, but more serious injuries are always a possibility.


We have already mentioned that bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury if they hit a pothole, but motorcyclists are almost as vulnerable. Head and neck injuries are far from rare when a cyclist is catapulted from his bike and lands on pavement. Cyclists can also be thrown into the path of oncoming traffic. To “add insult to injury,” their bikes can be damaged, especially the rims.


Motorists are less likely to suffer a personal injury severe enough to justify the services of an attorney, but they are more likely to suffer property damage. A car traveling within the speed limit can have a tire or rim damaged beyond repair by a pothole. Transmissions, oil pans, frames and other items beneath the car can be damaged as well, and the alignment of the front end can suffer also. The damages can get worse — the jarring could force the vehicle from its lane, causing it to sideswipe another vehicle or even hit a pedestrian or cyclist.

If You Need Pothole Repairs

LDC Paving has been providing customers in Houston and nearby areas with quality work at affordable prices since 2009. We offer a full range of asphalt repair, marking and maintenance services, including sealcoating, pothole repair, crack filling, asphalt paving, traffic sign installation and speed bumps. If you would like to request a free estimate, simply complete our online form or call us at 832-640-7296.

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