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Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results

Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results, paving houstonAsphalt, or bitumen as it is known by geologists, is a naturally occurring material found throughout the world. The use of asphalt goes back many thousands of years when it was used as an adhesive and for waterproofing. The diverse history of asphalt has proven its usefulness for many applications. The ancient Egyptians even used asphalt in their process of preserving mummies. Today, most of the asphalt produced is used is in road construction; asphalt serves as a binder when mixed with aggregates to form asphalt concrete. It is estimated that as much as 99 percent of the asphalt roadway material removed during repair or replacement operations is recycled into new asphalt mix.

The earliest recorded use of asphalt for road construction in America dates to 1870 in New Jersey, and asphalt was used in 1876 to pave Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., for the nation’s centennial celebration. Currently, asphalt can be found on more than 90 percent of all the paved roads in America, including many highways and interstates as well as rural roads and city streets. It is no wonder that asphalt has also become the most widely used and appreciated material for driveway construction. When properly built, an asphalt driveway will not only look great with its smooth, black surface, but it can also last for decades with modest maintenance requirements.

Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results – The Contractor

The most important step in planning an asphalt driveway is hiring a knowledgeable and experienced contractor. The skill of the contractor determines whether your asphalt driveway looks the way that you envision, but his experience is critical for ensuring that the driveways will perform as intended throughout its long life.

Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results – Site Preparation

Before laying down the asphalt for a driveway, the soil and terrain may need to be adjusted for the pavement to perform as intended. Proper drainage below the surface of the asphalt is important for the longevity of the driveway and to minimize any future maintenance problems. A subgrade made from aggregate or gravel may need to be placed between the soil surface and the asphalt.

Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results  – Materials

All pertinent factors must be considered and the correct materials must be chosen for your particular driveway. For example, depending on the weight that the driveway will need to support and the appearance desired, your contractor may choose from a variety of aggregate materials to be included in the mix.

Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results  – Construction

The processes and materials used for the construction of an asphalt driveway are critical, but so is the execution of the driveway’s design plan. A professional asphalt contractor will have the required number of trained and experienced personnel as well as the equipment needed to complete the construction process.

Asphalt Driveway: First Class Results – Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty and condition of your asphalt driveway will require periodic preventive maintenance. Any sign of damage or a potential problem should be immediately reported to your contractor. The sooner a problem is repaired, the less extensive the problem will become. In addition, having sealcoating professionally applied every few years can help keep your asphalt driveway looking its best while preventing the damage caused by automotive fluids and exposure to sunlight.

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LDC Paving serves customers throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. We are a paving company and committed to delivering superior work and exceptional customer service at affordable rates. We have the skills, staff and equipment to ensure that you will be delighted with the work we perform. Our services include asphalt paving, sealcoating, asphalt overlays, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs and pavement markings. We also install concrete driveways, sidewalks and ramps, offer concrete repairs and install traffic signs, speed bumps and bollards. For a free estimate, submit the online request form or call our office at (832) 640-7296.

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